•   Monitoring-Based Commissioning  

      Monitoring-Based Commissioning  

Monitoring-based commissioning, also referred to as continuous or ongoing commissioning, and as real-time energy monitoring, is a powerful process to reduce energy use and cost in buildings. It is the practice of optimizing energy performance through the acquisition and analysis of HVAC performance data at a scale requiring software that can store, retrieve, and present it effectively. In addition to highlighting operational anomalies for immediate correction, monitoring-based commissioning helps ensure the persistence and ROI of previously implemented energy-saving measures. Identifying when and how a mechanical system is not performing as it should is sometimes called fault detection and diagnosis.

Although monitoring-based commissioning can be offered as a stand-alone software solution, we believe the service is most effective when high-caliber data analytics software is combined with expert consulting support. The energy engineers at Sieben Energy Associates provide evidence-based insight into HVAC system operation to reveal new energy-saving opportunities. Even buildings that have recently undergone retro-commissioning may benefit from monitoring-based commissioning. Working collaboratively from inception through completion, we guide our client through each stage of the project.  

What can you expect from monitoring-based commissioning with Sieben Energy Associates?

  • Assessment of baseline energy performance
  • A proven, well-designed approach to acquiring HVAC system performance data
  • Focus on low-cost, rapid-payback energy-saving opportunities
  • Iterative process for testing newly identified opportunities before implementing them
  • Monitoring of previously implemented energy-saving measures
  • Access to an on-line dashboard providing full transparency of all data analysis
  • Regular project meetings to review discoveries and possible solutions
  • Thoughtful consideration of ideas and concerns raised by site engineers
  • Detailed scopes of work for opportunities selected for implementation
  • Client's choice of vendors/contractors to complete project implementation

Why should you choose Sieben Energy Associates to perform monitoring-based commissioning?

  • Deep experience with buildings of all types and sizes
  • Practitioner of this service since 2010 with intimate knowledge of best practices
  • Powerful data analytics software and fine-tuned analytical processes
  • Strong collaboration with site engineers and property managers
  • Data-driven insight rather than intuitive or rule-of-thumb rationale
  • Financial metrics based upon client's actual unit cost of energy
  • Focus on optimization, not conservation; occupant comfort is a key priority

How can you get started on monitoring-based commissioning from Sieben Energy Associates?

  • Contact us to learn more and discuss your energy goals
  • Share with us your building's historical electricity and natural gas usage information
  • Schedule a site screening visit so that we can assess project feasibility
  • Your facility may qualify for a utility incentive program; we can review with you the program requirements
  • If your facility doesn't qualify for a utility incentive program, or your utility doesn't offer a program, we can talk with you about designing a custom project
  • We have a deep-seated enthusiasm for pursuing leading-edge technologies and programs. The monitoring-based commissioning program certainly fit those criteria. However, the success of any new venture primarily depends on the people actually doing the work. Sieben Energy Associates proved to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, persistent (in a good way) and flexible partner throughout this program. We are very satisfied with the results and the close working relationship with their team.

    -Phil Koth, Chief Engineer, Transwestern, 500 West Madison