•   Energy Management  

      Energy Management  

Energy management includes a variety of consulting services designed to improve a energy performance and reduce energy cost at a single building or across a multi-site organization. Unlike our energy efficiency services, which focus solely on the demand side of the meter, energy management services address the supply side as well as the demand side. The scope of each project is tailored to satisfy our client’s needs, objectives, and budget. Regardless of the chosen solution, we strive to produce a strong ROI for our clients.

The heart of our energy management practice includes two services: enterprise energy management consulting and energy commodity management consulting. Both services are designed to help our clients attain best-in-class performance. Enterprise energy management addresses all aspects of an organization’s energy investment, while energy commodity management focuses on supply issues only. The energy experts at Sieben Energy Associates are capable of executing a wide range of assignments. We are continually innovating our means and methods to benefit our clients.

What energy management services does Sieben Energy Associates offer? 

  • Enterprise energy management consulting
  • Energy commodity management consulting
  • Electricity purchasing and natural gas purchasing
  • Renewable energy (green power) purchasing
  • Multi-year energy and sustainability strategic planning
  • Energy performance (including ENERGY STAR) benchmarking
  • Business energy practices evaluation
  • Utility bill audits and utility rate optimization
  • Energy policy research and analysis

What you can expect from energy management services with Sieben Energy Associates?  

  • A fully customized scope of work
  • Tactics and strategies well-suited to achieving client's objectives
  • Guidance informed by extensive industry knowledge
  • Consistent communication throughout the engagement
  • Original yet well-founded approaches to problem-solving
  • Professional, accurate, and timely reports and other deliverables
  • Introduction to utility incentive programs for complementary services

Why should you choose Sieben Energy Associates to provide energy management services?

  • Deep experience with buildings of all types and sizes
  • Energy management clients include members of the Fortune 500
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars of successful energy commodity transactions
  • No financial relationship with any utilities, product manufacturers, or retail suppliers
  • Energy purchasing expertise in nearly every deregulated market in the U.S.
  • Data-driven insight rather than intuitive or rule-of-thumb rationale
  • Principals involved in every engagement
  • Exceptional customer service

How can you get started on energy management services from Sieben Energy Associates?

  • Contact us to learn more and discuss your energy goals
  • Review our proposal to confirm alignment with your needs, objectives, and budget
  • Identify the site team that will be assisting us with the project
  • Provide information that is necessary for us to begin our work
  • Schedule a kick-off call or meeting to start the engagement
  • Sieben Energy Associates was instrumental in helping us develop the content backbone and scoring matrix for MSI’s leading-edge, multi-participant energy simulation Future Energy Chicago. Throughout the development process, they were an outstanding collaborative partner and were consistently responsive to our needs. They have the ability to be rigorous in their analytical process, while also being able to see the big picture.

    -Kurt Haunfelner, Vice President of Exhibits and Collections, Museum of Science and Industry

  • Sieben Energy Associates provided tremendous insights, strategic guidance, and technically rigorous analysis that helped propel McDonald's energy program for over two decades. What endeared me to the company was their very committed, passionate staff comprised of very talented, caring individuals.

    -Bob Langert, Vice President of Sustainability (Retired), McDonald’s Corporation