•   Energy Audits & Assessments  

      Energy Audits & Assessments  

Energy audits and assessments are essential to reducing energy use and cost in buildings. Both provide an overview of existing conditions and describe energy-saving opportunities, but they can differ markedly in scope, ranging from preliminary (or walk-through) to comprehensive (or investment-grade) engagements. We can address the HVAC system only, or include lighting, refrigeration, and other energy-consuming equipment. At industrial facilities, we can also examine process heating, process cooling, and compressed air systems. Given the diversity of building types and degree of complexity, we will tailor the engagement to satisfy your needs, objectives, and budget.

An energy audit or assessment is often the first step in a process designed to understand a building’s equipment, operations, and performance. It often provides insight about how best to investigate specific energy-consuming systems in greater depth. Our engineers can identify a range of options for further analysis, allowing you to select those that align with your goals. Of course, an energy audit can also be designated investment-grade from the outset. We strive to align our efforts with our client’s expectations to help ensure a successful result. 

What can you expect from an energy audit or assessment from Sieben Energy Associates?

  • Fully customized scope of work
  • Assessment of baseline energy performance
  • Request for historical utility bills or information
  • Discussion of previously implemented energy-saving measures
  • Respectful interaction with site engineers and interest in their thoughts and ideas
  • HVAC system data collection from building automation system (BAS) or data loggers
  • Data analysis concerning HVAC or any other specified systems

Why should you choose Sieben Energy Associates to perform an energy audit or assessment? 

  • Deep experience with buildings of all types and sizes
  • Proprietary tools and methods for accurately projecting energy savings
  • Collaboration with site engineers and property managers
  • Data-driven insight rather than intuitive or rule-of-thumb rationale
  • Presentation of initial ideas prior to final recommendations
  • Financial metrics based upon client’s actual unit cost of energy
  • Expertise in commercial and industrial building energy-consuming systems
  • History of award-winning projects

How can you get started on an energy audit or assessment from Sieben Energy Associates?

  • Contact us to learn more and discuss your energy goals
  • Review our proposal to confirm alignment with your needs, objectives, and budget
  • Identify the site team that will be assisting us with the project
  • Provide information that is necessary for us to prepare for the site visit
  • Schedule a kick-off call or site visit to start the engagement
  • Sieben Energy Associates has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in conducting their work and in delivering the final product to Cushman & Wakefield.  I complement their team for delivering high-quality, actionable recommendations that will lead to real dollars saved for our clients.

    -Mike Alexander, Senior Project Manager, Sustainability, Cushman & Wakefield