•   We Think About Energy Every Day.  

      We Think About Energy Every Day.  

We understand that energy is not top of mind for most organizations. Countless competing tasks and responsibilities fill each day. If the lights are on, the HVAC is running, and the bills are being paid, some organizations may simply not think about energy. Even larger organizations that have people dedicated to it may lack the time and expertise to truly optimize their energy performance.

We think about energy every day because we’re passionate about it. We know that you need to focus on your core business. Our clients can rest assured that we will find opportunities to improve the energy performance of their facilities. That’s why we’ve provided energy consulting services for the built environment since 1990.

Not sure that energy is worth your time? Optimizing energy performance simply makes good business sense. It’s an effective risk management strategy to diminish the impact of energy price shocks.

Consider the following three questions:

 bank  How well do you understand your energy investment?

Energy probably plays a much bigger role in your organization than you realize. Take a moment to think about every aspect of your business that involves energy. There are direct costs, such as electricity, natural gas, other fuels, infrastructure, and fleet. And there are indirect costs, such as staff resources, maintenance fees, capital outlays, and consulting support. But energy also impacts your business operations, market performance, strategic planning, and even your sustainability reputation.

Although energy is often relegated to the background, the truth is that you couldn’t run your organization without it, and it may ultimately cost you a lot more than you realize. Like any other financial investment, your energy investment demands time and attention to maximize your return. Whether you are responding to internal goals or external pressures, we can help you manage your energy investment.

Energy prices vary widely across North America. Depending on where your organization is based, and its various facilities are located, the cost of energy may not be a chief concern of yours right now. But energy markets experience volatility. Organizations that don’t pay high energy prices today should note that prices can increase suddenly, as they did during the polar vortex of winter 2014.

As you consider the many facets of your energy investment, we are ready to help you navigate the risks of an uncertain energy future—and guide you to maximize your return.

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 sea1  Why should you care about energy efficiency?

There’s a common saying that energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest, cleanest source of energy. Indeed, the energy you don’t use is ultimately free. That’s a big reason to care about energy efficiency.

Another way of describing energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same—or even enhanced—level of service and comfort. The objective of energy efficiency is not shared sacrifice. When implemented correctly, energy efficiency enables organizations to do more with less.

Buildings that operate more efficiently may produce:
  • Increased profitability as a result of lower operating costs
  • Better cash flow because of reduced monthly energy and maintenance bills
  • More comfortable, productive tenants/occupants making fewer hot/cold calls
  • Improved sustainability through fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Smarter, greener spaces that are more attractive to millennials
  • Longer HVAC equipment life
  • Greater asset value
All of our services are designed to strengthen the energy efficiency of our clients’ buildings. Regardless of how much you pay for energy today, using less energy will cost you less money.

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 sea3  What can data analytics do for your energy budget?

Every building holds energy-saving opportunities. The challenge is finding them. We harness the power of data to identify opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden.

Data analysis is a critical function in each one of our services. Access to robust, reliable data is necessary to deliver meaningful solutions. That’s why we emphasize data in all of our projects:
  • Our energy management services focus on generating actionable data to help organizations set and achieve their energy use and cost performance goals.
  • Our retro-commissioning service utilizes data pulled from the building to uncover ways to reduce HVAC energy use through changes to the equipment and controls.
  • And our monitoring-based commissioning service takes data analysis to another level, by employing big data analytics to detect anomalies, recommend actions, and ensure savings.
With the right kinds of data, we’ll work with you to tighten your energy budget by applying cost-effective strategies that target excessive energy use.

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