•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

Nationally Recognized Pediatric Healthcare Provider

Striving towards the goal of best-in-class energy management


  • A pediatric healthcare provider serving families in a major city and surrounding suburbs uses a large amount of energy at its 1.25 million-square-foot hospital, thirteen outpatient facilities, and faculty office and research buildings.
  • Facilities leadership recognized an opportunity to optimize HVAC system performance—and save energy and money—through retro-commissioning. But they wanted more than just a one-off project; they sought a more professional, coordinated, results-oriented approach to energy management.
  • At the same time, facilities leadership was mindful of the primary mission: treating sick children and their families, and conducting research, education, and advocacy. Indoor air quality and comfort had to be maintained, if not improved, through any operational changes.
  • They decided to partner with energy consultants to work towards an enterprise-wide goal of exceptional performance of their energy investment.


  • We were engaged to execute a comprehensive scope of services. During the first two months, we met with staff; conducted on-site visits; prepared analytical tools and report templates; and, evaluated energy bills and facility data.
  • Then we began developing an energy management plan that would not only achieve the provider’s goal of energy cost savings and performance improvement, but would also reinforce their mission in caring for patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Working closely with facilities leadership and building engineers, we identified energy supply and demand cost management solutions that leveraged their limited time and resources to maximize impact. Our analytics and expertise enable their staff to focus on action.
  • From consolidating utility accounts and correcting billing errors to capturing energy efficiency incentives and contracting for retail supply, we generated immediate cost savings during the first year.
  • Large facilities were targeted for either a retro-commissioning project or an energy assessment, resulting in the identification of a variety of energy-saving opportunities.
  • Through two years, our consulting relationship generated close to $1 million dollars of value through a combination of annual energy cost savings, energy engineering utility incentives, and timely retail energy supply agreements.
  • Now in the third year of the engagement, we continue to create value through energy purchasing, energy efficiency, and energy innovation. The healthcare provider is enjoying improved budget performance, more efficient operations, better cross-collaboration, and smarter risk management.
Nationally Recognized Pediatric Healthcare Provider
Nationally Recognized Pediatric Healthcare Provider

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