•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

National Processed Meat Products Manufacturer

Targeting energy waste at a regional distribution center


  • A national manufacturer of sausage, ham, and lunchmeat operates food processing plants and distribution centers throughout the U.S.
  • Company executives had previously engaged us to compare and contrast energy use by their five distribution centers. After we presented the results of our preliminary analysis, they sought a deeper understanding of their centers’ energy-consuming systems and operating protocols.
  • They decided to have an energy audit performed for their 213,000-square-foot distribution center in Georgia. The primary objective of the project was to uncover energy-saving opportunities in order to improve energy performance.


  • We visited the facility to collect equipment data (e.g., nameplate specifications and operating schedules for HVAC and refrigeration, types and quantities of lamps for lighting) and space data (e.g., temperature, humidity, and light intensity).
  • Our scope included examining the building envelope for insulation quality and infiltration from leaks and cracks. We also deployed monitoring instruments to collect energy use data from HVAC, refrigeration, and battery charging equipment.
  • Operational procedures and preventive maintenance practices were reviewed with on-site staff, and third-shift operations were observed during a nighttime walkthrough.
  • Implementing all the energy-saving opportunities we identified would reduce annual electricity use by 39% and natural gas use by 34%. We projected annual energy cost savings of 27%.
  • Company executives chose to implement several opportunities immediately. Recommendations requiring capital investment were folded into the distribution center’s five-year capital plan.
National Processed Meat Products Manufacturer
National Processed Meat Products Manufacturer

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