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The Value of Long-Term Energy Planning

The Value of Long-Term Energy Planning

Jerry Burin, vice president and partner at Sieben Energy Associates, recently authored an article on the value of long-term energy planning. ​In his article, Jerry provides sound rationale for "the orderly execution of an energy plan aligning with the organization's other long-term planning objectives."

Rather than approaching energy management as a series of ad hoc tactical initiatives, adopting a strategic approach can achieve greater success and a stronger return on investment. The article was published in the January 2017 issue of Building Operating Management magazine and appears in three parts online.

The three parts focus on balancing the risks and opportunities associated with management of future energy needs:

Jerry acknowledges that "forward-thinking facility managers understand that planning beyond the next financial review, and even beyond the next budget year, prepares them for a variety of circumstances that might otherwise find them uninformed and unprepared."

We provide comprehensive energy management services, including multi-year energy and sustainability strategic planning, for managers of individual properties as well as larger enterprises. Contact us for more information about how we might assist you in managing your energy investment.

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