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Sieben Energy Associates Joins Smart Energy Analytics Campaign


Sieben Energy Associates (SEA) has joined the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, a program led by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Better Buildings Alliance and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This campaign "encourages the use of a wide variety of commercially available Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and ongoing monitoring practices to help uncover energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance for the long run."

EMIS technologies are underutilized and, frankly, undervalued in today's marketplace. Through the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, the key organizers hope to spur the adoption of EMIS in the commercial building sector for energy management processes such as monitoring-based commissioning.

SEA has joined the campaign as a Supporting Partner. The list of Supporting Partners includes roughly six dozen service and product providers, utility and energy efficiency organizations, and real estate associations. SEA is in good company.

In fulfilling its commitment to the campaign, SEA will encourage all of its clients engaged in these kinds of energy analytics to become participants as well. SEA's clients that participate in the campaign will receive recognition, technical support, and a platform to demonstrate their success.

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is another way for SEA's clients to receive affirmation for taking the plunge into energy data analytics. To the extent that SEA is successful in motivating its clients to participate in the campaign, SEA receive recognition for inspiring such action.

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