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Thought Leadership from Sieben Energy Associates

Recognition for Long History of Energy Efficiency Leadership

Energy efficiency has always been central to the business of Sieben Energy Associates. In a newly published report for Environment Illinois, entitled "Saving Energy, Growing Jobs", Rob Kerth and Max Muller discuss the energy efficiency sector in Illinois. They conclude that "330 individual businesses and 737 retail outlets in Illinois are already working to increase the efficiency of our state's homes, businesses and industry."

Sieben Energy Associates is one of those 330 businesses, and it is featured in a lengthy case study on pages 12-13 of the report, under the headline, "Twenty Years of Energy Efficiency Leadership: Sieben Energy Associates of Chicago". The piece focuses on the history and success of SEA as well as trends and opportunities for the industry. The entire report serves as an excellent introduction to the business case for energy efficiency.Copy this template before you save.

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