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Thought Leadership from Sieben Energy Associates

AECOM Hires Team from Sieben Energy Associates


AECOM, a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm, has hired a team from Sieben Energy Associates to join its Design and Consulting Services business in the Americas.

The team of seven energy use experts is part of a strategic hire bringing more than two decades of expertise delivering energy efficiency consulting services.

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The Value of Long-Term Energy Planning

The Value of Long-Term Energy Planning

Jerry Burin, vice president and partner at Sieben Energy Associates, recently authored an article on the value of long-term energy planning. ​In his article, Jerry provides sound rationale for "the orderly execution of an energy plan aligning with the organization's other long-term planning objectives."

Rather than approaching energy management as a series of ad hoc tactical initiatives, adopting a strategic approach can achieve greater success and a stronger return on investment. The article was published in the January 2017 issue of Building Operating Management magazine and appears in three parts online.

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Smart Building Software Company’s Newsletter Features Our Monitoring-Based Commissioning Project

Smart Building Software Company’s Newsletter Features Our Monitoring-Based Commissioning Project

We use SkySpark, a software platform from SkyFoundry, to perform monitoring-based commissioning. In SkyFoundry's words, SkySpark is: "A Revolutionary New Technology for Transforming Smart Device Data Into Business Solutions."

​ The September 2016 issue of SkyFoundry Insider, their company newsletter, focuses on "how engineering firms are using SkySpark to deliver significant financial results and help owners and operators make energy and operational efficiency improvements permanent." Sieben Energy Associates is one of the specialty consultants featured in this issue. One of our recent monitoring-based commissioning project is described on pages 5 and 6. For this project, we were engaged by Transwestern, the building management company for 500 West Madison, formerly known as Citigroup Center Chicago

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Explore the Future of Energy at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

A groundbreaking interactive exhibit called Future Energy Chicago opened at the world-renowned museum in the fall of 2013. Sieben Energy Associates played an important role in the development of the Museum of Science and Industry exhibit, uncovering and validating the simulation data for the real-world scenarios encountered by museum guests.

MSI describes the grounding of the simulation in real-world data that Sieben Energy Associates contributed to the exhibit: "The Future Energy Chicago Simulation is based upon real-world information and data. MSI partnered with Sieben Energy Associates to seek out, organize, and interpret the data, which provided the basis for the simulation game's scoring system."

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How IKEA Plans to Take Its Buildings Energy-Neutral

IKEA, the home furnishings company, has a stated goal of becoming "energy independent" by 2020. Their plan for energy independence required a substantial investment of time and resources. IKEA developed their strategic plan following several years of painstaking energy data collection, extensive energy audits, and an assessment of portfolio energy needs. 

In "How IKEA Plans to Take Its Buildings Energy-Neutral", an article published on GreenBiz.com, author Judith Nemes describes IKEA's business case for pursuing energy independence, and their steps to date towards achieving their goal. As the article notes, Sieben Energy Associates served a critical energy consulting role for IKEA.

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