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Thought Leadership from Sieben Energy Associates

Sieben Energy Associates Receives National "Monitoring Based Commissioning Service Provider" Award


Just a few months after Sieben Energy Associates received its first award from the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, the firm has been recognized with another: the "Monitoring Based Commissioning Service Provider" award for 2018. Sieben Energy Associates will formally accept the award during a session at the Building Commissioning Association's annual conference on October 16, 2018.

On September 21, Sieben Energy Associates learned that it would be given the monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) service provider award at the upcoming BCxA Conference in Nashville. This prestigious national award recognizes the portfolio of projects that Sieben Energy Associates has completed using its MBCx platform, the impressive energy savings generated as a result, and the firm's ongoing support of the U.S. Department of Energy's Smart Energy Analytics Campaign.
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Exploring the Future of Energy Data Analytics at SkyPosium


Together with 150 other members of the global SkySpark community, Syed Suhail and I spent two interesting and stimulating days at SkyPosium 2017. SkySpark is an increasingly popular analytics platform developed by the company SkyFoundry, whose vision is "SkySpark Everywhere." The SkySpark community includes value-added resellers and distributors, engineering consultants, software-as-a-service (SaaS) program developers, and some end users.

SkyPosium was convened at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott in Dulles, Virginia. From 12 noon on Tuesday, November 14 through 4:30 pm on Wednesday, November 15, we learned about the expanding suite of tools and capabilities available to SkySpark users. Sieben Energy Associates, an early adopter of using large dataset analytics to optimize HVAC system performance, has been a SkySpark software user since 2010.

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Major Takeaways from the 2017 Intelligent Buildings Conference


The Intelligent Buildings conference (IBcon), presented by RealComm, is one of the most important gatherings for the commercial and corporate real estate, facilities, and technology industries. I attended the 2017 IBcon in San Diego, California on June 13–16. This event brought together leaders from more than 20 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and many countries in Europe and Asia.

I attended all four days of the conference. Seven pre-conference events were held on Tuesday, June 13. These were followed by two full days of education sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, June 14–15. The conference concluded with nine Real Estate Innovation Tech Tours on Friday, June 16.
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The Best (and Worst) Retro-Commissioning Practices

The Best (and Worst) Retro-Commissioning Practices

On the afternoon of February 15, I led a presentation in front of 40 members of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA Chicago) about best (and worst) practices relative to successful retro-commissioning projects. First, I set the context for retro-commissioning, including its historical origins and relationship to the commissioning of new buildings. Next, I explained why BOMA Chicago members should care about the ComEd retro-commissioning incentive program.

For almost ten years, all member buildings have been paying into the funding pool for the utility's energy efficiency programs. Participating in retro-commissioning represents an opportunity to get back some of that money. Retro-commissioning also plays an important role in supporting credits for LEED Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M) certification or re-certification.

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What Makes a Successful Retro-Commissioning Project?

What Makes a Successful Retro-Commissioning Project?

We will host a brown bag lunch seminar entitled "What Makes a Successful Retro-Commissioning Project" later this month. The seminar will commence at 12 noon on Wednesday, February 15, in the Harris Bank Building, 115 South LaSalle Street, Chicago. Sieben Energy Associates has to date performed over 80 retro-commissioning projects, comprising over 55 million square feet of building space.

During this seminar, we will draw upon our leadership and expertise in retro-commissioning to advise members of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA Chicago) on the project attributes that lead to a positive outcome. This event is listed on the BOMA Chicago website.

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